Superjhemp fährt mit NETTAXI!

Superjhemp flags down the NETTAXI


October 2018 : Luxusbuerg is being threatened by a catastrophe of cosmic extent and the only one who can save them all is Superjhemp, national Superhero and cartoon figure brought to life by Lucien Czuga and Roger Leiner. But Superjhemp is powerless and without the ability to fly he seems to be coerced into taking a cab.

Find out if Superjhemps regains the ability to fly when « Superjhemp retörns » to theaters on October 24th.

To stay true to the graphic novels, Voyages Emile Weber and WEBTAXI partnered up with the producers of Superjhemp and created their own funny versions of the company names in question. Their creativity gave life to Voyages Emile Wibbel and NETTAXI.




The movie, starring André Jung and Désirée Nosbusch was shot in early Spring of 2017 under the direction of Felix Koch. 3 vehicles of the Webtaxi fleet were even wrapped in  accordance with the Nettaxi design. Two of which are currently still driving through the country and one more on display in Shopping Center Belle Etoile until November 3rd within the framework of "De Superjhemp - De Making Öf".


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