Voyages Emile Weber and Benelux Taxis to launch the « webtaxi »

A new and revolutionary taxi service

Voyages Emile Weber and Benelux Taxis are jointly launching the "webtaxi," a new concept in taxis. This new concept stands out very clearly from what is currently available on the market and is based on three pillars, more precisely: ecology, transparency and economy.


Rides on the "webtaxi" are done with the new Prius Hybrid generation, which is much easier on the environment. Thanks to that type of vehicle, trips are less polluting with CO2 emissions at only 89 g/km, i. e. a reduction of up to 43% compared to the current standard.


The "webtaxi" applies a coherent and transparent price policy with fixed rates of € 2.50 for taking on a client, followed by € 2.60 per kilometre driven during the course of the day. Moreover, calculation and invoicing are done in relation to the shortest possible route between the point of departure and the destination, regardless of the route actually taken by the driver.
Another advantage is that the price will be calculated and announced when the taxi is called by internet, mobile app or switch board and that price is then guaranteed.


The time factor, frequently impacting as a result of the vagaries of traffic and red lights, is not taken into account when the price is calculated. Thanks to rates based on the distance driven and the fixed set of rates, the client can easily predict the final cost of any trip by taxi. The various measures mentioned above allow for an average saving of 10% on the prices currently in force. That average may even come close to 30% at peak hours with heavy traffic.

In summary, it can be said that the fare structure applied by the "webtaxi" is based on ease of comprehension and perfect transparency for users while at the same time offering quality service that respects the environment.

The "webtaxi" is intended for anybody who needs mobility in Luxembourg and can be called via the telephone number 27515, via its own mobile app or by internet at